Cheering on the 2015-2016 JB Academic Pentathlon Team

Drama Students 

Tae Kwon Do 

Field trip to the USC Concert Band Performance

Tae Kwon Do Tournament

Career Day

JB Music Program

Math Concert

2015-2016 JB Academic Pentathlon Team 

Career Day

1st Ever JB Blood Donation Drive! Thank you, JB Community, for your continued support!

Drama Students

2015-2016 JB Academic Pentathlon Team 

UCLA Volunteers at JB

Anti-Bullying Assembly 

Tae Kwon Do

2015-2016 JB Academic Pentathlon Team

Career Day 

Thank you, JB Parent Volunteers!

Students Run Los Angeles

Spanish & Korean Dual Language Programs

Career Day

2015-2016 JB Academic Pentathlon Team 

News and Announcements

Traffic Guidelines at John Burroughs Middle School

Dear Parents and Guardians,
The following are important announcements from John Burroughs Middle School.
We are asking for your cooperation with the following traffic guidelines:
• As you know, traffic on Wilshire Blvd is heavy in the mornings. Therefore, please give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to arrive to school on time.
• Pull forward as much as possible before letting your child out of the car. This will give us additional room for other cars behind you to drop off.
• Have your child ready to exit quickly with their backpack on the passenger side only.
• Do not have your child retrieve their items from the trunk of the vehicle. This is a safety hazard.
• School buses are also making right turns on sixth and McCadden Place. Please give the school buses room to turn right.
• Use crosswalks at all times. This is for your safety and the safety of your children.
• Please do not cut off parents in the drop-off line.
• Do not parallel park along McCadden Pl. and tell your child to run across other vehicles to get to the sidewalk. This is also a safety hazard.
Additionally, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, LAPD, and LASPD are currently conducting trafficenforcement at John Burroughs Middle School. The individuals who commit parking or moving violations will receive a citation by these agencies. John Burroughs Middle School does not take responsibility for any citation issued.
Finally, we are asking parents/guardians to help us keep our students safe by cooperating with a few suggestions:
• Travel north bound only on McCadden during drop-off or pick-up of students.
• Do not approach McCadden from the eastbound direction on Wilshire Blvd.
• Use the map given to your child to plan where to drop off or pick up students. Additional maps are available in the main office.
• Questions regarding any citations should be directed to the issuing agency. John Burroughs Middle School is not responsible for any citations issued by the City of Los Angeles or any other agency.
By working together, we can create a safe environment for our students and community.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Fire Drill Period 1 on August 24, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, we will be holding a fire drill during period 1. Please be advised that our offices will be closed between 8:20 AM and 9:20 AM. We want to make sure that students go through this important safety training exercise.

Parents/Guardians: Do you have a background in marketing or film?

Dear Parents,
Do you have a background in marketing or film?

We are looking for volunteers who can donate their skills and expertise in helping the John Burroughs Middle School team with a few key projects this school year.

Please e-mail Ms. G. Lee if you would like to know how you can help! Email:

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