News and Announcements

Picture day has been scheduled for 9/17/14. If you plan on ordering pictures, please send your order forms along with the payment with your child on 9/17/14. Students are to take the order forms directly to the photo personnel during their PE classes. Make up picture day will be announced at a later time.

We ask that all students dress appropriately: Young Men may wear a nice dress shirt or a sweater. Young ladies may wear a nice blouse or sweater. If a female student chooses to wear a dress, it must be knee length. Otherwise, all students must wear their school uniform.
Heat Advisory + Shortened Day Dismissal @ 1:25 on 9/16/14
Dear Parents,
Due to the excessive heat advisory, there will be no physical activity today. As a precautionary measure, all P.E. classes will be inside the auditorium until further notice. We want to ensure the safety of all our students.
Shortened Day Dismissal @ 1:25PM on Tues, 9/16:
Please be advised of the shortened day schedule on 9/16 dismissal at 1:25PM.
Parents: Please pick up your child at 1:25PM from the regular pick up location.
However, due to filming taking place at the school front from 2PM -7PM, parents must pick up their child from the Wilshire Parking Lot area starting at 2PM.
ELAC/SSC Orientation on Friday, 9/12/14. Location: Auditorium @ 8:15AM + MINIMUM DAY 9/12/14 STUDENT DISMISSAL AT 12:24PM.
ELAC/SSC Orientation on Friday, 9/12/14. Location: Auditorium
9/12/2014, 8:15 AM – 9:15 AM
Location: Auditorium
BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT 9/11/14! 5:00PM - 7:00PM. See attachments for more details.
BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT 9/11/14! 5:00PM - 7:00PM. See attachments for more details.
Dear Parents:
There will be two important packets of information coming home with your child.
We apologize for the delay, but please review the Opening Packet and go over the necessary details with your children. All paperwork in the Opening Packet MUST be submitted by Friday, September 12th, to your child’s Homeroom teacher.
The second packet is for our Annual QSP Fundraiser. We hope that we can count on your participation. All money raised from this fundraiser directly benefits our students. The QSP Fundraiser deadline will be announced shortly.
School Closed: 8/29/14 & 9/1/14. Classes Resume: 9/2/14.
Dear Parents:
Please be advised that this Friday, August 29th, is Admissions Day. There is no school this Friday, August 29th. Also, Monday, September 1, 2014 is Labor Day. There is no school on Monday due to the Labor Day Holiday. Classes will resume on Tuesday, September 2, 2014.
Dear Parents,
Due to continuing work on MISIS and enrollment, the annual Title I meeting and the ELAC orientation have been postponed. Dates will be announced at a later time.
Thank you for your attention.
Dear Parents,
Picture Day has been scheduled for Wednesday, 9/17/14. Please mark your calendars.
Thank you.
Are you the parent of a 7th grade student who is interested in running the LA marathon? If so, please attend an informative meeting this Thursday, 8/21/14 in the auditorium after school.
Dear Parents:

I want to begin by thanking all of you for your patience during the opening of this school year. The implementation of the MISIS program for schools presented us with some challenges, but we are working hard to make the necessary changes as quickly as possible.

Traffic was heavy during the week, but we expect it to get better as we settle into our routine. Please make sure to give extra time in the morning.

Textbooks were issued this week as well. Any student that is missing a text book will receive it next week.

Finally, we have been informed that the IPads will be delivered to our school in the next few weeks. Additional details will be provided as we get closer to issuing the IPads to students.

Once again, thank you for your patience and we look forward to working in partnership with you this year.

Dr. Steve Martinez
Student Dismissal Schedule 8/13/14-8/15/14
Student Dismissal Schedule:

Wednesday, 8/13/14
Minimum Day Dismissal at 12:24PM

Thursday, 8/14/14
Minimum Day Dismissal at 12:24PM

Friday, 8/15/14
Regular Day Dismissal at 2:49PM
First Day of School
First Day of School

On Sunday evening and on Monday, you should receive a telephone message from John Burroughs Middle School. The call is to inform you of your child’s Homeroom class assignments. Your child will report to this room and receive their class schedule.
If you do not get the call, then instruct your child to look for their homeroom number on posters located throughout the campus. Supervision staff will be available to assist you and your child to locate Homeroom classes.
Students that can’t find their name on the posters should report to the auditorium for assistance.
What to Expect:
The MISIS system, the new LAUSD student information system, may not be fully functional on the first day of school. Be aware that this may further delay enrollment and scheduling on the first day of school and in the coming weeks.
In addition, if you intend to drop your child off at John Burroughs on the first day of school, please be mindful of traffic delays near the school and in the surrounding area. We suggest that you give yourself ample travel time to ensure that your child arrives to school on time. Please be aware of all parking signs. We are not responsible for any parking citations issued.
Also, because of the new MISIS program, some students may not have the same homeroom class as last year. Students should report to the assigned homeroom listed on various postings throughout the campus.

Textbooks will be issued throughout the first week of school. Be advised that all school personnel will be devoted to ensuring that all students have schedules.

* Counselors, coordinators, and administrators will NOT be available for individual requests for at least the first two weeks of school.
School Open for Enrollment on Sunday, August 10, 2014
Dear Parents,

Our school will be open for enrollment on Sunday, August 10, 2014 from 12:00PM - 3:00PM.

The enrollment is only for new students who have not enrolled in school, changed address, or is new to LAUSD.

Please go to room 118 for enrollment.

Thank you.
Welcome Message from the Principal
We would like to welcome you to the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

The LAUSD has begun using a new program called Misis. The Misis program has had some technical issues, which may lend to a difficult opening day. Therefore, our two primary methods for communicating will be through the telephone message system and our website.

Our school website will have the latest information so please be sure to visit it often.

Thank you.
Just For Teens! (grades 6th-12th) Free Programs in August @ Memorial Branch Library
[Please see attachment]

Memorial Branch Library
Los Angeles Public Library
4625 W. Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 938-2732
Frequently Asked Question
Frequently Asked Questions

Homeroom Number:

Homeroom numbers will be posted in the main building and around the campus on Tuesday, August 12, 2014. Schedule of classes will be handed out by homeroom teachers to all students.

Dress Code
All students are expected to wear to school each day the approved school uniform which meets the Dress Code Standards Bottomwear (slacks, shorts, skirts, skorts)
1. Must be Khaki in color
2. Must be uniform-style (cotton/cotton blend) or corduroy
3. No jeans, sweatpants, or nylon pants 4.Must fit properly and be size appropriate: NO OVERSIZED PANTS OR SHORTS
Topwear (shirts)
1. Must be hunter green or white with a collar
2. Must have long or short sleeves
3. Cannot be oversized
5. Must be plain or have Burroughs logo only
Outerwear (jackets, coats, sweaters, sweatshirts)
1. Must be White or dark colored only (Black, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Gray, Dark Brown, Khaki).
2. Must be plain or have Burroughs logo only
3. Cannot be oversized.
1. Must have closed toes.
2. .No slippers, sandals, open toes, backless
In order to provide a positive learning environment at Burroughs Middle School, all students are expected to �dress for success�. Our standard is that students are to dress as if they are going to work: the students� job is to learn. In addition, we want to provide for students� safety. The following standards are designed to promote learning and safety.
1. Pants must be worn at the waist and must remain at the waist when the belt is removed.
2. Pants must be hemmed one inch above the ground and cannot be split at the seams or cut anywhere on the garment.
3. Both pant legs must be down and cannot be extra wide or extra long.
4. Pants cannot be oversized.
Shorts, Skorts, and Skirts
1. Shorts, skorts and skirts may not be shorter than mid-thigh and must be a reasonable length.
2. Shorts must be worn at the waist and must remain at the waist when the belt is removed and may not reach below the bottom of the knee. (Shorts cannot be oversized.)
1. Belts are not acceptable if they hang more than three inches from the appropriate loop.
2. Belt buckles cannot contain any insignias or initials.
1. Shirts cannot contain any advertisements, caricatures, cartoons, images, and team or school logos (other than the Burroughs logo or other logo sanctioned by the school).
2. Shirts cannot be oversized.
3. Tank tops, sports jerseys, see-through tops, halter tops, or tops which expose the bare midriff or are low-cut are not permitted.
Hats, Caps, and Hair
1. Hats and caps are not to be worn by either boys or girls.
2. No gang-associated hair styles, extreme in hair style color or make-up.
3. No hair rollers, scarves, hairnets, or bandanas.
Jewelry/Accessories/Personal Belongings
The following are not allowed:
1. Jewelry/accessories that constitute a safety hazard (i.e., heavy chains, studded apparel, large hoop earrings, etc.).
2. Any apparel, jewelry, accessory or inscription on personal belongings which could be construed as depicting or promoting violence, the illegal, the immoral, or the obscene, specifically those which depict or promote alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or obscenities.
3. Any apparel, jewelry, accessory, manner of grooming, or inscription on personal belongings which, by virtue of color, arrangement, trademark, universal meaning or any other attribute, expresses or advocates racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice, or might tend to motivate students to commit acts that disrupt the orderly operation of the school.
4. Monikers, graffiti, patches or inscriptions on clothing, body parts, accessories, including backpacks.
5. Sunglasses or heavily tinted glasses.
6. For health and safety of students, body piercing is not allowed (with exception of ears).
Please Note
1. All clothing must be clean and in good repair.
2. A student coming to school with inappropriate dress will be required to change into school loan clothing or the parent will be called to take the student home to change. REPEATED VIOLATIONS OF DRESS STANDARDS WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION (INCLUDING WARNINGS, CITATIONS, DETENTION).
Parents will be contacted if there is a violation of Dress Code.
Counseling Staff:

Grade 6: Ms. Bradley
Grade 7: Mr. Lee
Grade 8: Mr. Bozin
Intervention: Ms. Quan
TDAP Immunization
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Beginning July 1, 2012, as mandated by California State Education Code SB 354, students entering or advancing to the 7th grade are required to provide proof of a TDAP immunization before start of the school year.

Students who do not have proof of TDAP immunization on file at school will NOT be allowed to attend school. Parents or guardians must submit proof of TDAP immunization to room 118 before the start of the new school year.

Room 118 will be available from August 5, 2014 to August 11, 2014 to accept proof of TDAP booster. Parents can save time by bringing the original vaccination documentation and a copy to turn in rather than wait in line for a copy to be made.

If you have not submitted proof of TDAP immunization verification by August 11th, your child will not be allowed to go to classes on the first day of school.

If you send your child to school on the first day, without TDAP immunization verification, we will be contacting you to pick your child up and take him/her home.

If we can't locate you on your home or cell phone number, we will be contacting you at your work place.

Thank you.
Lunch Tickets
On the first day of school your child will need to use their pin number to receive lunch. Those students without a pin number can purchase a meal from the cafeteria for $2.50. If you have not submitted a lunch ticket application for this school year, we encourage you to submit an application before September 19th to be eligible to receive a free or reduced lunch. Applications will be available in room 109 on the first day of school. They were also mailed to you during the summer and are available online.
Enrollment of new students will take place this week in room 118 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
We are asking parents and guardians to help us keep our students safe by cooperating with the following traffic guidelines:

Travel north bound only on McCadden during drop-off or pick-up of students. Do not approach McCadden from the east bound direction on Wilshire Boulevard. Use crosswalks at all times. Questions regarding any citation should be directed to the issuing agency.

John Burroughs Middle School is not responsible for any citations issued by the city of Los Angeles or any other agency.

We are also asking the Safety Valet parent volunteers and those that want
to volunteer to report to the front of the school at 7:30AM on Tuesday, August
12th to receive their safety vests and instructions.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to create and promote a safe environment in and around John Burroughs Middle School.
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ELAC/SSC/LSLC Elections on Friday, 9/19/14. Location: Auditorium
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