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Counselors’ Corner: Mission statement: The mission of John Burroughs Middle School is to provide, for three years, a nurturing and creative learning environment which is sensitive to the needs of students, faculty, parents and community, based upon mutual cooperation and trust. 

Counselors are available to counsel students in the areas of educational, personal, social, and career needs. Students should talk with teachers about any classroom issues and concerns and have their parent/guardian contact the teacher by email or phone as the first step to problem solving. 


8th Grade Counselor: Mrs. Virginia Quan 323-549-5000/ext. 5027

7th Grade Counselor: Ms. Wendy Bradley 323-549-5000/ext. 5028 

6th Grade Counselor: Mr. Alex Bozin 323-549-5000/ext. 5024 

Assistant Principal 8th Grade: Mr. Arturo Enriquez 323-549-5000/ext. 5002

Assistant Principal 7th Grade: Mr. Erwin Bolanos  323-549-5000/ext. 5026

Assistant Principal 6th Grade: Ms. Debbie Lee 323-549-5000/ext. 5006

Assistant Principal: Ms. Susan Armendariz 323-549-5000/ext. 5010

Magnet Coordinator: Ms. Beverly Pearson 323-549-5000/ext. 5013 

Anti-Bullying Policy: John Burroughs Middle School is committed to providing our students with a safe campus, and maintains a “zero tolerance” for bullying of any type. All students have the right to come to school in a safe and comfortable learning environment. Students all also have the obligation to treat others in a respectful manner that creates a safe environment. 

Bullying behaviors include: o physical (e.g., hitting, punching) o verbal (e.g., name-calling, teasing; threats; cyberbullying, texting) o psychological/relational (e.g., rumors, social exclusion) 

Academics: Individualized Culmination Plan (ICP): Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment with their grade level counselor to review and sign their child’s Individualized Culmination Plan. To schedule an appointment with your grade level counselor, please see the contact information above. 

Teacher Conferences: Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment with their child’s teachers. To make an appointment with your child’s teachers, you may:  Email your child’s teacher – link: → Staff  Fill out the “Request from Parent for Appointment” form and submit to main office/Room 118  Call the attendance office at 323-549-5005/5007; please have the names of your child’s teachers ready, and leave a message with a daytime phone number for the teachers to call you back 

Recommendations for Academic Success:  Schedule an appointment with your child’s teachers.  Have your child attend tutoring before/after school, in the Library (Monday through Friday 7:15am – 7:45am; and Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday 3pm - 4pm).  Have your child continue to write homework assignments, test dates, etc. in his/her agenda book on a daily basis.  Set aside time every evening to sit down with your child and go over the agenda book assignments with him/her, and monitor that she/he is indeed completing all of the assignments. Your child is expected to complete approximately 2 hours of homework every single day.  Monitor your child’s computer, video game, cell phone use, and TV time and content. Additionally, monitor how they spend their time after school, and the friends they spend time with.  Praise your child when s/he gets good grades, ask your child questions about school, and establish a clear set of rules and expectations about acceptable behavior.