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Magnet Program


The Magnet Center at John Burroughs currently serves 508 gifted and highly gifted students as part of the voluntary integration program of the Los Angeles Unified School District. We promote a fundamental educational process that emphasizes the highest academic performance standards.

The Magnet Center was designed to provide a specialized program for gifted and high achieving students in a diverse setting. The goal of John Burroughs Gifted/High Ability Magnet Center is to ensure that all students receive a rigorous curriculum with an emphasis on our school vision of a college-going culture.


The Gifted/High Ability Magnet Center serves students who require an academically demanding and challenging curriculum in the four core content areas: mathematics, language arts, science and social studies. We provide our students with differentiated instruction in which the core curriculum is expanded while including the complexity, novelty, depth, acceleration and expectations for their individual needs.


Students who are successful at John Burroughs Gifted/High Ability Magnet Center have either been identified as gifted as determined by a school psychologist, or recommended by a previous school, based on the four criteria for a high ability student as recommended by the Office of Gifted/Talented Programs. Students are expected to maintain a "C" average or better in their academic classes where they are required to complete assignments in a manner that corresponds to their individual abilities and to follow the academic and behavioral expectations of the school.


All Magnet Classes are designed to reflect the diverse population of the school and community. The students benefit from collaboration and participating in classes with students from various ethnic populations who have similar academic abilities. They learn to appreciate both their similarities and differences. The inclusion of cultural awareness and culturally relevant responsive education in units of study promotes student recognition that people of al races make great contributions to society.

Contact Information:

Name: Beverly Pearson, Magnet Coordinator
Tel: 323-549-5013

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