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Parent/ Student Support


The English Learner Advisory Committee assists with the implementation and evaluation of the school’s English Learner program. It participates in the development of the school’s bilingual budget. Parents of LEP (limited-English proficient) students constitute at least 51% of the membership of this committee. California Education Code requires that schools with 20 or more LEP students establish a school-level advisory committee on bilingual education.


Each school with a School Improvement Program is mandated by the State to establish a School Site Council. The SSC has the responsibility to review the implementation and effectiveness of the local School Improvement Program. The SSC annually develops a plan and budget to reflect the needs and priorities at the school. Membership includes parity between school personnel (the principal, teachers and others) and the community (parents, students and others).


Agreed to by the Los Angeles Unified School District and the United Teachers-Los Angeles, the Local School Leadership Council has the responsibility for:

  1. Staff Development Programs
  2. Student Discipline Guidelines
  3. Schedule of Activities and Events
  4. Guidelines for use of Equipment
  5. Local Budgetary Matters

50% of the council is comprised of the UTLA Chapter Chair and other teachers; the other 50% is comprised of the principal. parent/community members, a classified employee representative and a student representative. Decisions are by consensus or, if consensus cannot be reached, by majority vote.

In accordance with state law, John Burroughs follows the District’s established Uniform Complaint Procedure (Title 5).