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Athletic Activities

Athletic Equipment - Students are not allowed to bring personal athletic equipment to school. There are not enough courts and playing fields to accommodate extra games. Such personal equipment will be taken and held in the office until the end of the school day or until appropriate measures have been taken to assure that it will not be brought back to school in the future.

  1. Athletic equipment may be checked out in numbers equal to the number of courts and playing field available.
  2. Students may check out equipment by leaving their l.D. cards on deposit at the Equipment Room located next to the Girls’ P.E. Office.
  3. Before the close of a recess period, a whistle will signal that it is time to check in all equipment.
  4. Students who do not check in their equipment promptly risk losing the privilege to check out equipment in the future. LD. cards for these students will be held for an appropriate number of days during which time it will not be possible for these students to check out equipment.