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Lunch Time

Students may bring a lunch from home or purchase food items at school. A complete tray lunch and a la carte items are available from the cafeteria. Food items are also available for purchase during nutrition.


  1. Students must take care of personal business and clear all buildings within five minutes after the passing bell to lunch.
  2. School buildings will remain closed and be supervised by the school safety organization. Students may not re-enter school buildings and hallways until the end of the lunch period.
  3. Students with library passes may report to the Library at the beginning of lunch but no later than ten minutes after lunch begins. Students with passes should enter the building at the main double doors leading from the Quad and proceed upstairs.
  4. All students must eat only in the designated lunch area which includes the covered table area and the areas in the immediate vicinity.
  5. Students may not eat in the Quad, on the volleyball courts, the handball courts, in the bungalow areas, the upstairs area above the caIteria, or on the P.E. field.
  6. Restrooms are available at the south end of the covered lunch area.
  7. Students are required to dispose of their trash and are encouraged to recycle aluminum cans in the containers provided.
  8. Students involved in disruptive behavior during lunch (and other times) will be assigned “pick-up” duty the last ten minutes of the lunch period by counselors and administrative staff.