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Dear Parents and Candidates for Culmination:
Two culmination activities for the Eighth Grade Class of 2014 is set for Thursday, June 5, 2014 in the school auditorium. The morning ceremony will begin at 9:00 a.m., doors will open at 8:15 a.m. The afternoon ceremony will begin at 1:30 p.m., doors will open at 12:45 p.m.
Students will be assigned to the morning or afternoon ceremony based on their homeroom teacher.
9:00 AM
C-Bradford Marburgh/Collins Davidson Escano C. Lee
Moon Ramsey Toabe Weathersby Wi Willars

1:30 PM
Abejero Acosta-Jensen Bai Bohaker Corona
Erickson Finkelstein Helal/Isrow S. Lee Sanchez

The dignity of a culmination ceremony requires modesty and appropriateness of dress. We consider the following to be appropriate guidelines for a culmination ceremony:
Young Men
1. Suit or slacks with sport coat or sweater
2. White or light-colored dress shirt with regular or bow tie
3. Dress shoes
4. Sunglasses and hats are not appropriate
Young Ladies
1. Simple –styled dresses, skirts or suits, not too tight nor too short/long
2. Shoes styled for comfort and safety in walking up and down stairs to the stage
3. General grooming and hair style appropriate for culmination
4. Sunglasses and hats are not appropriate
Any event that involves the coordinated staging of over 350 pupils requires the utmost cooperation of every participant. Since the inappropriate behavior of even a few individuals can have an adverse effect on the pageantry of the ceremony, every participant must follow the rules of conduct listed below:
1. The participants must be present at all rehearsals and give full cooperation to the director of the rehearsal. Rehearsals will take place on Monday, June 2, Tuesday, June 3, and Wednesday, June 4.
2. No individual will call attention to himself or herself, participate in any act that will disrupt the culmination ceremony or cause embarrassment to the culminating class.
3. The culmination activity is optional and should only be attended by pupils who wish to give their full cooperation. Diplomas for culminating students who do not choose to participate in the ceremony may be picked up at school at a later time.
(A) A professional photographer will be taking pictures during the ceremony. Families will receive the proof by mail and may purchase the photograph. If you wish to take pictures, please remain seated and courteous to other guests. Importantly, please DO NOT block the view of others. Parents will be allowed to take pictures with graduating students after the ceremony. (B) DVDs of the event may be purchased ($25) on the day of the culmination.
Each student will be given two tickets for the ceremony.
Culminating students do not need tickets.
NO balloons will be allowed in the auditorium as a courtesy to all guests. Balloons left outside the auditorium will be at your own risk to loss or theft.

If you have any questions, please contact the Eighth Grade Center (Rm. 101) or send me an email at ldrake@lausd.net.
Loren Drake
Assistant Principal

8th Grade Culmination - Friday, June 5, 2014- Eligibility Requirements
Attention 8th grade students:
Culmination for the 8th grade class of 2014 will be held on Thursday, June 5.
In order to be eligible to culminate, the student must have:
No Fails (“F”s) on Fall and Spring final report cards.
 No more than a total of 3 Unsatisfactory marks (“U”s) in work habits/cooperation; no more than one of these “U”s may be in cooperation. (This particular requirement affects culmination on the final Spring report card).

The “Green & Gold” Football
All ELIGIBLE 8th graders will be able to attend. Eligibility is based on the 15 week progress report. In order to be eligible, you must have:
 no F’s,
 no more than 3 U’s total;
 no more than 1 U may be in “Cooperation”
We look forward to seeing all eligible 8th grade students at the game!
Please note: We will be monitoring entrance to the game. You MUST have a wristband, issued by your homeroom teacher, in order to enter. If you did not get a wristband, then you are currently ineligible, and we strongly encourage you to come speak to your counselor, Mr. Garcia, to discuss how to improve your grades, in order to be eligible for upcoming 8th grade events. You can do it!

Dear 8th grade students and parents/guardians,
We welcome you to an exciting 8th grade year at John Burroughs Middle School. This year, with graduation and 8th grade events coming up, there is a lot of information we would like to share with you. In the “8th Grade Corner”, you will find links to very important and helpful documents:
Letter re: culmination policy: Outlines culmination requirements that all 8th grade students will be required to meet for successful 8th grade culmination and participation in 8th grade extracurricular activities.
Scholarship/Progress Report: This is a very helpful way to get an update on your child's academic progress.  Have your child circulate the form to all of his/her teachers and return it to you.  You can request a progress report for the day, the week, or for the semester to date.
Request for Homework Assignments: If your child is out sick for more than one day, you can request his/her homework from the teachers. Once you fill out the form, submit it to the 8th grade center, Room 101. Please note that teachers have 24 hours to fill the request, which you can then pick up from the 8th grade center, Room 101.
Statement: If your child would like to report an incident at school, he/she can write a statement to submit to the counselor.
Request for teacher conference: We recommend that parents make appointments with your child’s teachers to discuss strategies to improve your child’s school performance. To fill out the form, please clearly fill out the names of your child’s teachers, your child’s name, and a daytime phone number for the teachers to call you back to schedule the appointment. Please submit the form to the 8th grade center, Room 101.
Your involvement as students and as parents/guardians is very important to student success.  Please feel free to contact your counselor if you would like to discuss strategies to help improve your/your child’s academic performance. We look forward to a successful 8th grade year! 

Mr. Loren Drake, 8th Grade Administrator
Email: ldrake@lausd.net

Ms. Wendy Bradley, 8th Grade Counselor
Email: wendy.bradley@lausd.net